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You Still Have Time to Take Advantage of Our Special Service Offers

Your vehicle is an investment in more than just transportation. It's an investment in your life. When it comes to protecting the value of that investment, and ensuring its longevity, the best thing you can do is follow the manufacturer's recommended service schedule.

If it's time for an oil change, checkup, or perhaps something more major, contact our service center to schedule an appointment; but before you come in, be sure to check out our service specials.

Now, through the end of September,
Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is offering the following:

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With Jeep, Any Trip is an Adventure

Well, it's the middle of the week, which means the push towards the weekend has begun. To combat the mid-week doldrums, @Jeep follows up #TrailTuesday with the #WranglerWednesday, featuring everyone's favorite 4x4. Check out these two Wranglers, showing off their kits as they flex on a very rocky trail.

Whether your Saturday plans include exploring the trails, or exploring the grocery store, a Jeep vehicle can turn any ride

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Woodward Dream Cruise: Dodge Three-Way Tug-of-War

In case you missed it, the Woodward Dream Cruise was held this past Saturday, August 15. Held on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, the annual event attracts more than 40,000 vehicles and over one million spectators. Originally conceived as way to raise money for a children's soccer field, the cruise is now the largest single-day classic car event in the world, garnering more than $56 million for Metro Detroit.

Of course, Dodge was in attendance, and they put on a few exciting exhibitions, like this 3-way tug-of-war, complete with multi-colored smoke.



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Muscle car beach makes its debut

We have all heard about muscle beach and we've heard of the term muscle car, which includes the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, but none of us have been prepared properly for what happens when the two come together.

Muscle car beach is the main premise of a new commercial featuring the Charger and Challenger, plus the Dodge Durango which is an essential family vehicle for this summer, and with the help of David "the Hoff" Hasselhoff, we get to see some ways these models excel.

If you want to see for yourself the many ways in which these…

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee Will Change the Way You Think About Luxury

When you think about Jeep brand models, what kinds of words come to mind? It's probably something along the lines of tough, fun or adventurous. Luxury isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind. But after you've driven the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, that will change. To catch a glimpse of this vehicle's luxury, take a look at the video below.

The premium materials and well-crafted design definitely give this vehicle a luxurious feeling, but that's not where the real luxury comes from. The heart of its luxury comes from the places this vehicle…

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Look to the Ram 1500 for inspiration at Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

The new Ram 1500 at Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM inspires us; it's a guide, symbolizing how far we've come and where we will go, reminding us there's a beginning, an end, and an in-between road on the journey of life. We know what you're thinking, "All that from a truck?" but if you've never been behind the wheel of one of our new Ram Trucks, you wouldn't understand…

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Heed our advice and have the smoothes family road trips this summer

Memorial Day weekend served as our official kickoff to summer 2015. That means that now we can begin planning our family vacation plans. We know some of you are cringing at the thought of a family road trip, so our team here at Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has put together a few tips to at least keep your car from losing it mid-travel. We can't really help you with the chaos that may…

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What is it Really Like to Drive the Jeep Renegade?

If you're a Jeep brand fan, then you've probably been waiting to try out the Jeep Renegade for a long time. Well now this vehicle has arrived, and the first US Renegade owner wants to tell you all about it. Take a look.

Here at Eide Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram we've been waiting for months to hear what real drivers think about this vehicle. We are so happy to hear that it…

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2015 Jeep Wrangler Selected for Vincentric Best Value in America Award

The 2015 Jeep Wrangler was selected for the Vincentric Best Value in America Award in the Compact/Midsize SUV segment. The 2015 Jeep Wrangler was selected after determining that it had best-in-class performance and lowest cost of ownership when compared to its current market price.

The iconic Jeep Wrangler comes has come into 2015 hoping to invigorate the adventurer inside of its fans. Ready to go anywhere and always prepared to do just about anything…

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Dodge Viper is More Powerful than Ever Before for 2015

The all-new Dodge Viper model is far and away the most powerful version of the iconic muscle car ever produced. And that impressive fact is made even more so by the fact that our automaker kept the engine naturally-aspirated; keeping it in line with its legendary roots. For more information, watch, and read on below.

So as you have seen, many of the new 2015 updates come on the exterior. The model retains much of…

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